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MotorMax?s Cooling System Additive is an all-natural, nontoxic and biodegradable product designed to improve the efficiency of any water cooled engine. It was originally designed for the severe demands of the racing world where spill concerns forced the use of ?water only? policies at asphalt tracks. The ability to eliminate engine hot spots directly improves cylinder efficiency, maximizing fuel combustion for reduced exhaust emissions and improved fuel economy, according to the company. Also, MotorMax?s heat sink action as a thermal stabilizer enables standard water or water/antifreeze mixtures to carry dramatically more heat to the radiator where it is discharged for more efficient cooling. For more information, contact

Q: Why should I use MotorMax?

A: The most neglected part of today's sophisticated engine is the cooling system, yet it is at the heart of optimum engine performance. Temperature extremes (both hot and cold) literally destroy vital engine components. As little as one quart of MotorMax:

  • Reduces engine temperatures/prevents overheating
  • Dramatically improves air conditioning output
  • Enhances fuel performance
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Reduces cold temperature engine wear and tear

Q: How much MotorMax do I need?

A: Most automobiles require only one quart of MotorMax added directly to their radiators for improved cooling system performance. Larger/heavier duty vehicles with expanded cooling system capacities may need two quarts of MotorMax and/or a 1:10 ratio of MotorMax to standard water/antifreeze mixtures.

Q: Will MotorMax mix with my existing water/antifreeze mixture?

A: Yes, MotorMax will mix with, and improve the performance of, all existing radiator mixes, including the new extended life antifreeze. MotorMax is not a replacement for antifreeze, but can be used in a water-only coolant environment such as racing or hot weather industrial settings where freezing is not a concern.

Q: Will adding MotorMax to my radiator effect my vehicle's warranty?

A: No, MotorMax has been tested to be completely safe with all engine components and accessories. It is a ph neutral substance, with extensive testing by SGS US Testing Laboratories proving it to be non-corrosive to metal/aluminum surfaces. MotorMax is also backed by a manufacturer's 2 million dollar product liability policy, assuring our customers full protection against any unknown causes of product failure.

Q: How long does MotorMax work, i.e. when should it be replaced?

A: MotorMax is a permanent cooling system treatment, and will work continuously until flushed out of your cooling system as part of your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance intervals (usually 2 year/24,000 miles unless long life anti-freeze has been installed). MotorMax should be added when your normal water/antifreeze mixture is replaced.

Q: What is MotorMax?

A: MotorMax is a biodegradable all natural plant based cooling system additive that has proven to be an extremely effective heat sink. By definition, a heat sink is a substance or device for the absorption or dissipation of unwanted heat.

Q: How does MotorMax work?

A: MotorMax works by absorbing heat it comes into contact with and transfers it equally throughout the engine and cooling system. Through this process, MotorMax equalizes the block temperature front to back and/or side to side, and helps eliminate hot spots in the engine. Once the coolant mixture is cycled to the radiator, MotorMax transfers heat much more efficiently than any water or water/antifreeze mixture.

Q: Will MotorMax harm anything in my engine?

A: No. MotorMax is non-corrosive, biodegradable and compatible with all internal engine parts, seals, hoses and accessory equipment. Independent laboratory testing confirms MotorMax is pH neutral and compatible with aluminum components.

Q: How often do I have to add MotorMax?

A: MotorMax works continuously once added to your cooling system, and need not be renewed until flushed out during normal system maintenance. Refer to and follow the recommended flushing requirements of your engine manufacturer's maintenance schedule for the cooling system. MotorMax can be added anytime, and should be replenished when flushing and changing your antifreeze.

Q: Is MotorMax safe to use in both gas and diesel engines?

A: Yes.

Q: In diesel engines, will MotorMax effect any of the Supplemental Cooling Additives (SCAs) in the cooling system?

A: No, but attention should be paid to the dilution effect of adding MotorMax in large capacity systems much as in the same manner as adding water.

Q: What should I expect to see after using MotorMax?

A: The first thing you will notice is your vehicle will get to operating temperature faster. Secondly, you'll notice significantly improved air conditioning output at the interior ducts. Additionally, overall engine bay temperatures will be 10 to 30 degrees cooler depending on ambient air temperatures. Engine temperature reductions are often dramatic enough to notice immediate changes in dash gauge readings.

Q: How can a radiator additive reduce AC temps so dramatically?

A: The same way heat is drawn from your home in the winter months, an automotive AC condenser draws and absorbs heat that is driven away from the radiator, thereby reducing the efficiency of the condenser. By reducing water temperature and increasing the radiator's efficiency, much less heat is being absorbed by the AC condenser, allowing it to operate much more efficiently.

Q: What is the shelf life of MotorMax?

A: The product in the original sealed container has an indefinite shelf life. MotorMax is freeze/thaw stable.

Q: Is MotorMax compatible with commercial antifreezes?

A: Yes. Independent laboratory tests reflect that when MotorMax was added to antifreeze, its boiling and freezing points, pH level, survival of microbial population and effect on dimensional stability of rubber radiator hose was not changed.

Q: Will MotorMax effect my emissions/engine management system?

A: No. Your thermostat still controls water flow by opening and closing at pre-set temperatures. As such, your thermostat will control temperatures allowing your engine management systems to operate in the correct range. MotorMax works most effectively at reducing destructive heat above/beyond the thermostat setting, and in bringing temperatures up to optimal range in cold conditions, reducing destructive cold weather wear and tear.


     While created and proven in the demanding environment of the race world, MotorMax dramatically enhances the performance of any motor using a closed-loop (radiator cooled) cooling system. Specific applications for MotorMax's amazing performance include:

·  All Types of racing vehicles 

·  Passenger cars/vans

·   Off road vehicles

·   Motorcycles 

·   Limousines 

·   Taxi cabs 

·   Marine radiator cooling systems/boats

·   Forestry equipment 

·   Long distance haulers/tractors

·   Delivery trucks 

·   Street rods 

·   Airport service vehicles/tow motors

  •   Fire apparatus/rescue vehicles
  • Ambulances
  •  Police vehicles
  •  Tow vehicles
  •  Motor homes/campers
  •  Highway maintenance fleets
  •  Excavators/Graders
  •  Heavy duty construction equipment
  • Loaders/skidders/plows
  •  Antique/vintage cars
  •  Exotic cars
  •  Water cooled generator systems


      MotorMax is not a "water wetter" or lubricant designed to speed water flow, but a heatsink that acts to enhance your engine's performance at both ends (hot and cold) of the temperature spectrum.  Put Motormax's breakthrough thermal technology to work in your engine today!!!

The MotorMax Advantage

Faster warm up: In a thermostat controlled cooling system, MotorMax will absorb the heat of internal engine components and transfer it evenly throughout the engine. Since water with MotorMax is acting like a heat sink, engine temperatures will rise faster, reducing both the time for warm-up and cold start wear and tear. In addition, cab heater output is noticeably improved in severe cold due to MotorMax's ability to carry more heat through the heater core than standard coolant mixtures.

Reduced water temperature: Once the thermostat opens, MotorMax will transfer the heat it has absorbed into the radiator. MotorMax's ability to discharge heat dramatically when exposed to airflow allows the radiator to more efficiently remove heat from the MotorMax/coolant mixture. Individual results vary depending on the size and volume of your cooling system. In a variety of applications, MotorMax has reduced engine temperatures an average of 15-20 degrees, with reductions of up to 30 degrees seen in select installations.

Reduced internal engine parts temperature: Acting like a heat sink, MotorMax has the ability to absorb heat from internal engine parts. Reducing operating temperatures of internal parts has a major impact on wear and tear. This becomes critical in the life span of such major internal components as valve springs, wrist pins, cylinder walls and pistons.

Reduced oil temperature: MotorMax, by absorbing heat from internal engine parts, will also help to reduce engine oil temperatures. Reduced oil temperature results in less chance of oil breakdown, decreasing damage caused by poor lubrication. Minimizes hot spots in engines: All engines have some variance in engine temperature from front to back or side-to-side. With its ability to absorb heat and transfer it, MotorMax reduces engine hot spots and virtually eliminates steam pockets. The ability to reduce hot spots is vital in the search for enhanced engine performance.

More comfortable passenger compartment temperatures: Now that your engine and many of its components are running cooler, the reduced temperature translates to cooler engine bay temperatures. This results in a more comfortable cab interior, with substantially increased air conditioning output in hot weather.

Reduces engine temperature rise at idle: MotorMax will keep your water temperature lower in conditions where there is little or no airflow. With its ability to pull more heat out of the engine and into the radiator, MotorMax helps keep your engine cooler while sitting still or at prolonged periods of high idle.

Why MotorMax in my commercial or fleet vehicle? : Commercial or fleet vehicles are subject to particularly severe operating conditions, exposing them to above-average temperature ranges and increased life-cycle operating demands. Through reduced engine bay temperatures, additional benefits of MotorMax include:

  • Prolonged component life
  • Reduced transmission operating temperature through cooler transmission oil temperatures.
  • Increased useable alternator amperage output.
  • Increased air conditioning efficiency, particularly critical with R-134 coolant systems.
  • More efficient fuel combustion through equalized cylinder temperatures, enhancing engine performance and fuel economy.

Easy to clean up and environmentally friendly: MotorMax is a plant-based product that is non-toxic and biodegradable. When spilled, it is simple to clean up and presents no disposal hazards. MotorMax is the environmentally friendly wave of the future in cooling system additives!


Unlike traditional water wetters, MotorMax is a natural heat sink that absorbs heat from internal engine parts and more efficiently carries it to the radiator for overall enhanced engine cooling performance. In particular, temperature differences between cylinders (hot spots) are reduced for better overall performance. Unlike many water wetters which achieve water temperature reductions by coating water jackets or speeding water flow, MotorMax actually reduces water and oil temperatures. A true breakthrough in thermal technology, MotorMax allows water to absorb dramatically more heat without vaporization, hence its demonstrated ability to transfer heat away from critical engine components and reduce overall engine temperatures.

MotorMax gives racers at all levels a competitive edge across the board, including:

  • Allows reduced radiator opening for increased down force.
  • Stabilizes temperatures to prevent overheating.
  • Removes more heat from internal engine parts.
  • Reduces oil temperature.
  • Reduces horsepower-robbing engine "hot spots".
  • Reduces engine cool-down time between rounds.
  • Prevents temperature rise during reduced air flow.
  • Provides maximum performance in a 1:10 ratio.
  • Cooler engine bay and cockpit interior temperatures.
  • Easy to use. Just add to radiator.
  • pH neutral and completely safe for all aluminum and rubber components

Above all, MotorMax is a natural plant-based product that is environmentally friendly and leaves no residue if spilled during accidents or car maintenance. MotorMax evaporates three times faster than water, and presents none of the clean-up concerns for asphalt surfaces created by water wetters or other types of coolant system additives. MotorMax is the perfect answer at "water only" tracks!

Read more about the MotorMax Advantage from racers across the country at our testimonial letters. Shouldn't you be racing with the MotorMax advantage today?


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