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Fire Products
This product was designed as a safety tool for trade applications. It is used to cool down hot surfaces rapidly. It is an excellent tool for plumbers, welders, roofers, mechanics. All those who work with hot surfaces and open flame. Several members of the motorized racing industry use this handy tool to cool down hot surfaces such as tires and brakes when cars come into the pit area. Available in 12 oz. air powered spray can, this product is light weight and easy to handle. Sprays in any direction, even upside down! Brochure

- For motor sports
- Instantly cools down Brakes and rear ends & other hot parts
- Heat Barrier Spray
- Prevents heat damage and hidden fires
- Extinguishes Fires
- This stuff put out a magnesium fire
- There is a great video and a lot more info

FIRE BLOCK FIRE RETARDANT Developed from the extraordinary life saving and fire fighting Cold Fire Fire Suppressing Agent, the FIRE BLOCK Fire Retardant is a revolutionary product which retards fires by stopping dangerous flames from spreading.
This unique product offers extraordinary fire retarding capability of any Class A surface with no flame spread and also inhibits hydrocarbon smoke development.
FIRE BLOCK works to actually form a thermal insulation barrier to prevent flames from spreading. This unique thermal insulation barrier factor is attributed to the unique cooling characteristic of the product.

Application: Spray on or soak any Class A type surface (i.e. wood, cotton, paper, furnishings, etc.) Allow product to completely penetrate surface/material and let dry completely.

GREAT for re-treating racing fire suits, gloves and boots.

  • ASTM-E84 tested.
  • Available in 5 and 55 gallon drums.
  • Also available in 32 oz. pump bottles.

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