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Today, more than ever, we need to focus on the environmental problems that surround us. Stricter environmental demands and regulations are requiring us to actively participate in helping to preserve and protect our environment for future generations.

Founded in 1991 by Jurgen Giessler, Firefreeze Worldwide, Inc. (FFW) focuses on creating a safer and cleaner environment by carefully developing innovative, environmentally friendly fire suppressing products.

FFW Headquarters, Rockaway, New Jersey

"Join Us in Helping to Protect our Environment for Future Generations!"
Firefreeze Worldwide, Inc. Is proud to provide a line of efficient fire suppressing products, designed to meet today's growing demand for products that are safe and effective. These products exceed our customers expectations, while offering a safe alternative to the many toxic agents on the market today.

Headquartered in Rockaway, New Jersey, Firefreeze Worldwide, Inc. offers representation and distribution of its products worldwide.

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